Beavertown/Boneyard Bloody Notorious DIPA Saturday 09 july

It’s the not-at-all-official and in-no-way-conected-with-Beavertown, Halifax launch of Bloody Notorious! Everyone loves Bloody ‘Ell and we’ve got the double! 9.1% DIPA! A few words kindly borrowed from the boys and girls at Beavertown:

“The 4th wave of Bloody ‘Ell has come to an end. Taste buds of the IPA masses have been entrenched for the last few months in zest and juice of the mighty Sicilian citrus, there were no survivors. Now a new champion is sent to examine the desolation, flex his juicy supremes and take his seat as the new king. Welcome Bloody Notorious DIPA! Long may you reign.

First came ‘Power of the Voodoo’ TIPA, then ‘White Knuckle’ White IPA and now in our 3rd collaboration with the mighty Boneyard Brewing from Bend, Oregon we give you ‘Bloody Notorious – Blood Orange DIPA’.

Tony the brew master from Boneyard was due to swing by the UK on his travels to Copenhagen CBC. So we took the opportunity to brew another beast of an IPA. We both have a love of all things green and resinous so we put our minds together to create another hop monster. Our first collaboration, Power of the Voodoo was all about the hop. Our second, White Knuckle was about the dance between fruit infusion (dried limes and orange zest) and hops. For our 3rd, Tony suggested experimenting more with fruit/zest so I described our Bloody ‘Ell IPA to him and the process we go through and suggested why not blend our recipe with his awesome Notorious TIPA giving us the mighty ‘Bloody Notorious DIPA!’ So that is exactly what we did. Both base grain recipes were similar in construction. The hop bill comprised of shed loads of Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic and we doubled the Bloody ‘Ell infusion rate of the blood oranges into the brew.

We have created the juiciest of bangers. From ashes of Bloody ‘Ell rises the new rule of a beer that is just plain notorious. Please be upstanding for Bloody Notorious.


I think it’s fair to say their pretty excited about this! Rate Beers not too shabby also…–boneyard-bloody-notorious/426167/

See you Saturday!